White Buffalo Women's/New Moon Meditation and Healing Group

White Buffalo Women's/New Moon Meditation and Healing Group

~This Empowering Feminine healing group will meet each NEW MOON.

~ No cost - Just your beautiful energy to be given to other women for empowerment and to the Universe and our Great Mother--"Pachamama"

~ To the Native Americans the birth of a white buffalo is a symbol of rebirth and world harmony.


Our mission statement is to bring to light, empowerment for Women to discover their true beauty, inner wisdom, fierce wildness and feminine mystery. This group open to both men and women, will strengthen our place in the universe and bring the divine feminine back to her profound place, in the new world order.

~ Each new moon gathering will have a manifesto decided by the Tribe.(month in advance)
~ We will be drumming, meditating, reading poetry, manifesting, shamanic journeys, discussing world issues and events, bringing in speakers; healing medicine women from the community. This will be a place to let go, yet gather all you need to be a strong independent woman.
-some tipi gatherings, creek side gatherings --using nature to embrace our womanhood!!!

The dualistic nature of Yin and Yang, is setting the forces of change in motion. The masculine and feminine energies are realigning and returning to a proper cyclic balance of ceaseless motion to bring about peace, harmony and a new world order.

Contact Joelle for more information

More information on the White Buffalo Woman.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman showed the people the right way to pray, the right words and the right gestures. She taught them how to sing the pipe-filling song and how to lift the pipe up to the sky, toward Grandfather, and down toward Grandmother Earth, to Unci, and then to the four directions of the universe.

The White Buffalo Calf Woman, in Lakota mythology, is a sacred woman of supernatural origin who gave the Lakota their "Seven Sacred Rituals".

The traditional story is that, long ago there was a time of famine. The chief of the Lakotas sent out two scouts to hunt for food. As the scouts travelled they saw a figure in the distance. As they approached they saw that it was a beautiful young woman in white clothing.

One of the scouts was filled with desire for the woman. He approached her, telling his companion he would attempt to embrace the woman, and if he found her pleasing, he would claim her as a wife.

His companion warned him that she appeared to be a sacred women, and to do anything sacrilegious would be folly. The scout ignored his advice.The companion watched as the scout approached and embraced the woman, during which time a white cloud enveloped the pair. After a while, the cloud disappeared and only the mysterious woman remained.

The remaining scout was frightened, and began to draw his bow, but the woman beckoned him forward, telling him that no harm would come to him.

As the woman was fluent in Lakota, the young man decided she was one of his tribe, and came forward. When he arrived, she pointed to a spot on the ground where the other scout's bare bones lay. She explained that the Crazy Buffalo had compelled the man to desire her, and she had annihilated him.

The scout became even more frightened and again menaced her with his bow.At this time, the woman explained that she was Wakan and his weapons could not harm her. She further explained that if he did as she instructed, no harm would befall him and that his tribe would become more prosperous.

The scout promised to do what she instructed, and was told to return to his encampment, call the Council and prepare a feast for her arrival.The woman's name was Ptesan Wi which translated White Buffalo Calf Woman. She taught the Lakotas many sacred rituals and gave then the chununpa or sacred pipe which is the holiest of all worship symbols. After teaching the people and giving them her gifts, PtesanWi left them promising to return.

Later, the story became attributed to the goddess Wohpe, also know as Whope, or Wope.

When Roman Catholic missionaries first came among the Lakota, their stories of the Virgin Mary and Jesus became associated with the legend of White Buffalo Calf Woman. The syncretic practice of identifying Mary with PtesanWi and Jesus with the chununpa continues among Lakota Christians to this day.

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