Understanding and Worshiping Sri Chakra

Understanding and Worshiping Sri Chakra

Understanding and Worshiping Sri Chakra

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The Sri Chakra is an iconic representation of the deepest intuitions of the Vedas. It represents both the recursive structure of reality and also expresses the fact

that Nature and Consciousness are interpenetrating

The Sri Chakra, or Sri Yantra, is a specific pattern of triangles, circles and petals it is the King of All Yantras. Sri Chakra worship is considered the highest worship of Devi, and because it contains all deities and all divine potencies within it, it brings every kind of blessing for physical and emotional health, wealth, harmony in one’s relationships, and true spiritual progress.

In truth, the worship of the Sri Chakra is both an art and a science designed by divinely inspired sages; its regular performance clears all obstacles, bestows all blessings, and carries us inexorably towards the highest goal of oneness with the supreme Goddess Sri Lalita Tripur Sundari.

Each avarana contains a certain number of triangles, petals or lines that correspond to specific aspects of Divine Mother’s powers of love, wisdom and pure consciousness. As we proceed through each avarana, we come closer to the central bindu, the source of bliss and divine consciousness.

Drawing of Sri Yantra

Explanation of Each Avarana

Understanding of Each Chakra in Sri Yantra

Significance of Worshiping the Sri Chakra


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