The Role of Well Logs in Geomechanics

The Role of Well Logs in Geomechanics

Petroleum geomechanics is a unique, multi-disciplinary field that combines elements of rock mechanics, geology, geophysics and engineering. Although it has been around for several decades, addressing issues such as wellbore stability, fault seal/leakage and sand production, geomechanics received increasing

attention with the advent of unconventional resources, where the mechanical behavior of the reservoir is a critical factor in successful exploration and development programs. Unfortunately, however, the industry has seen widespread application of conventional geomechanics methodologies that may not be appropriate for unconventional rocks and geological settings. In particular, the calculation of geomechanical parameters from well logs is one such methodology; if not applied correctly and with knowledge of its limitations, results can be very misleading.

Course Instructor: Amy Fox, Enlighten GeoScience (
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