The Experience A Journey Inward with Cass and Johnny

The Experience A Journey Inward with Cass and Johnny

Explore a peaceful blend of meditation, gentle movement with live music and a Chakra-based Yoga Nidra session followed by a Sound Journey

Balance your Koshas, the layers or “bodies” of the human experience. The five Koshas are: the physical body, energy body, mental/emotional body, wisdom body and

the bliss body.
Fun Fact! Did you know that 40 minutes of Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) is equivalent to ~4 hours of traditional sleep? Receive some well-deserved rest as you enter a realm of consciousness between the waking and sleeping state and enjoy a unique Yoga Nidra experience incorporating the vibrations of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls.

Receive the benefits of stress reduction, memory strengthening and heightened creativity while Cass and Johnny take you through a Sound Journey. Bathe in the healing vibrations of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, the Guitar, and the Koshi Chimes. Additional instruments may be used. Relax, release, and surrender to joy.

What to bring
yoga mat, blankets and pillows for comfort

$25 Memberships
$30 Preregister
$35 Day of

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1304 W Washington Blvd, 60607
04 November , Sunday 13:30