The Christmas Border Raider - Steam to Carlisle Christmas Market

The Christmas Border Raider - Steam to Carlisle Christmas Market

Picking up passengers in Birmingham, Wolverhampton, Stafford and Crewe, our Christmas train not only combines a festive journey by steam, but there is a wonderful chance to travel over the stunningly beautiful Settle and Carlisle route. Furthermore, on arrival in Carlisle the Christmas Market will be

in full swing – perfect for buying your gifts, or just enjoying the great food and drink they have on offer.

Tornado will be at the head of our train throughout as we travel via Stafford, Crewe and Blackburn before heading north and on to the famous Settle and Carlisle Railway itself. The route is known as the ‘Long Drag’ because of the heavy gradients all the way to Ribblehead Viaduct and Blea Moor Tunnel. We will soar over high viaducts and plunge through deep cuttings as we head through the wild landscape for Carlisle. Passengers have over two hours to enjoy Carlisle, where the station is close to the Cathedral and nearby pedestrian shopping area for the Christmas Market.

Tornado will then lead us back, taking the direct route along the edge of the Lake District via Shap Summit and on to Lancaster and Preston. Here Tornado takes water before regaining our outward route and returning us to the West Midlands covering over 400 miles, all by steam.

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01 December , Saturday 07:15