Sulawesi and Borneo Snorkel Safari

Sulawesi and Borneo Snorkel Safari

Come explore some of Indonesia’s less-travelled islands. This snorkelling safari combines fabulous snorkelling with spectacular landscapes and wildlife viewing opportunities. We will be snorkelling over stunning yet varied terrain including rich and healthy reefs with abundant marine life, volcanic rock

and stunning walls plunging in to the depths of the ocean.

Snorkelling around Bunaken National Park offers abundant soft coral gardens and walls boasting beautiful fans and schools of fish, a healthy turtle population and some interesting and rare critters. The snorkelling off east Borneo offers stunning hard coral reef alive with various rays, turtles, schooling fish and reef sharks, manta ray cleaning stations and an awesome stingless-jellyfish lake. We will also spend a couple of days at a magnificent eco-lodge in the jungle on Borneo where we can see wild orangutans and proboscis monkeys and other exotic wildlife.

We’ll be based between 3 fantastic resorts. Enjoying the exclusivity and seclusion of private island resorts with lovely beaches, air conditioned bungalows, sunset views and access to some of the most beautiful and varied snorkelling sites in the world. Turtles, manta rays, jellyfish, huge schools of fish and orangutans makes for a once in a lifetime itinerary.

This tour is fully guided by a member of the Dive Safari Asia team.

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05 October , Saturday 15:00