Stretching and Flexibility for Pole and Aerial

Stretching and Flexibility for Pole and Aerial

Flexibility training is probably the least understood of all of the components of fitness. This course will aim to provide you with the knowledge to design and deliver safe and effective flexibility programmes and sessions for your pole and aerial students. We will provide you with information about

the benefits and risks of being flexible and of flexibility training. We’ll look at the factors that control flexibility, we will review many of the different methods of flexibility training as well as other techniques designed to improve your range of movement identifying the pros and cons of each and providing advice and guidance on when might be best to use them and who with. Following the science of flexibility, we will focus on where you need to be flexible for pole and aerial hoop training and provide you with everything from warm up routines to specific stretches to improve specific moves and whole body sequences which you can build into flexibility specific class plans. Finally, the course finishes with guidance on stretching with specific populations such as ante-natal clients and hypermobile clients amongst others.

Pre-requisites: Recommended for existing instructors of Pole and Aerial, or those with equivalent fitness certifications.

Pre-course tasks: You will be required to read the theory section of this course in the Instructor Training Manual prior to attending. All course documentation will be posted to you within 7 days of booking.

Assessment: You will be required to complete a short multiple choice theory assessment prior to attending the course.

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184 Hotwell Road, BS8 4RP
14 July , Saturday 09:00

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