Spinifex Gum at Adelaide Festival

Spinifex Gum at Adelaide Festival

In 2015 Felix Riebl of The Cat Empire fame took up residence in the Pilbara to soak himself in the contemporary stories of the Yindjibarndi community. Out of it came Spinifex Gum - an album, a live performance and a shared passion to ignite change.

At the heart of the production is Marliya - an ensemble

of Aboriginal and Torres Strait teenage singers from Gondwana Choirs, who perform the songs with Felix Riebl and guest artists Ollie McGill, Briggs and Emma Donovan.

Powerful in content and style, the songs blend the lush choral vocals of Marliya with hard-hitting urban rhythms and lyrics that reveal, with uncompromising clarity, many of the painful injustices facing Indigenous Australians. The exuberant energy of these young performers lifts our spirits in the face of very tough issues. Uninhibited, they sway and groove to Riebl’s beats but their superb choral discipline and lush sound ensure the lyrics hit their mark directly in our hearts.

A unique, topical and inspiring all-Australian gig.

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58 Grote St, Adelaide, 5000
13 March , Tuesday 20:00