Silent Orgasm 4-day

Silent Orgasm 4-day

This process is a dive into the center of emptiness, the zero point where nothing moves, where forms have not taken shape, where thoughts are not yet born: The Silent Orgasm. It invites you to redirect the life energy of your everyday actions into strengthening the watcher in you and to vitalize your

ability to pull yourself into the realm of consciousness where you live awakened instead of being a sleep-walking victim of your own unconscious patterns. The impact of such redirection of your energy uplifts you on a bodily level to timeless orgasm rooted into bliss which you can expand into all actions of your life.

The main areas of exploration:
– Awakening the Inner Circle
– Surrender sex to love and consciousness
– Letting go of the sense of separation
– Transmuting sexual energy to sensual awakening
– Expanding to silent communion
– Resting into Silent Orgasm
– Taping into consciousness

What Pema Gitama shares about this retreat?
“The main aspect of this retreat is to open the possibility for tantricas to realize they are one within themselves by directing their awareness to inner intercourse, to the inner circle of their energy. To open this possibility there are different aspects developed during the retreat, such as letting the sexual energy fuel intensely the subtle moon and sun channels. In this process the tantricas uplift each other consciously into a realm of expansion and dissolution where they can meet as one within and without. The meeting is transformed into an endless embrace into oneness, which does transmute physical pleasure into an energetic and spiritual experience that can be life changing…

Registration and information:

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Vuurse steeg 1, 3749 AN
14 June , Thursday 10:00