ScoutCon 2019 The ScoutCon Strikes Back!

ScoutCon 2019 The ScoutCon Strikes Back!

By popular demand. The Scout Con “Strikes

Do you like board games, card games or roleplaying
games? Have you ever ventured into a
dungeon with a party in hopes of discovering
lost magical items and long forgotten wealth?
Have you dreamt of fighting off werewolves in
the deep forests in the World

of Folklore? Can
you complete your personal Scout Con
Character card tasks in time?
Join us at our second annual ScoutCon and
challenge your leaders and fellow Scouts to
games of strategy, luck and intrigue. Mark the
date January 19th, 2019 on your calendars, as
Scouting youth of all ages from all over, once
again become heroes and embrace the mysteries
and challenges of other worlds
Gather your games, dice and wits and join us
once again!
Email Scouter Gini-Lynne
for information. More information will follow
this coming September!
Augmented Ratios for this Con
1:8 for Scouts/Vents
1:6 for Cubs
1:4 for Beavers
*Your registration includes admission, Con Badge,
a hotdog, drink and chips, hours of fun games and door
prizes. There is a cheap concession to buy extra food
and its open all day.

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2140 Brownsea Drive NW, T2N 3G9
19 January , Saturday 09:00