Samadhi Center Meditation Retreat (10 day) October 12- 21st

Samadhi Center Meditation Retreat (10 day) October 12- 21st

The Samadhi Center, located about half way between Toronto and Ottawa, is a place for people to practice meditation and engage in deep self inquiry. The 10 day retreats focus on meditation practice as a means to connect deeply with our inner stillness, and provide an opportunity to purify ourselves of

Sankaras or the conditioned patterns that cause suffering in our day to day lives. The setting of the Samadhi Center offers the possibility of deep communion with nature.

The retreats at the Samadhi Center are suitable for all levels, from beginner to advanced. Because all parts of the retreat are optional and self-directed, one can follow their own intuition with regard to how much or how little they want to participate. Instruction and group process will be offered each day to help support your experience.

Cost: $50.00 per night ($450.00 for 10 days) - includes all food and acommodations

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5616 Boulter Rd., K0L 1C0
12 October , Friday 13:00