Rites is a Retreat where we immerse ourselves in the natural rhythms of birth, life and death and embody the different perspectives of the wheel of life. It is a spiritual oasis: the aim is restoration and soul remembering. Rites is an experience which offers the conditions and teachings to bring

back the dismembered parts of our soul. The weekend offers a chance to step out of the habits and programmes of our conditioned lives and realign with our soul nature: wholeness.

Rites is a Healing Theatre in which you can meet the actors and actresses in the carousel of all things. Healing is the Restoration of Wholeness. By seeing where the disconnects lie in our ability to connect with and include the spirit of all things, times and places in the web of life, we are able to honour and heal these parts as they emerge. Rites is a deeply collective and poetic healing event. We can't heal by ourselves. We need to do it together.

Rites is a retreat to explore the mysteries of the frame drum and the processes of Initiation. An initiation marks a beginning and the crossing into a new stage of life and the evolution of a new gift. The carousel of life takes us naturally through all of these initiations. Initiation is not something that we have to go and and search for. It is brought to us on the plate of natural experience. In fact, in these times there are possibly more initiations than the ancients would have felt in terms of change, loss, moving on. We witness change on a giant scale with global exposure and yet we do not have the steady rituals and momentum of tribal life and the wisdom of the elders to hold the container for us anymore.

So this retreat brings great comfort to that need. A container is restored. A lot turns up at this retreat to appreciate this. It is no small matter.

To initiate is to enter into communion with an aspect of our true nature. Traditionally, all communities would foster ceremony and rites of passage to support the many growths and initiations of life. The intention for the Retreat is to initiate those parts of your innate nature which may not have been honoured on the way.

The cost is £350 for the 3 days including all meals and accommodation.

This course is one of the 3 courses provided as a prerequisite for the Creative Shamanism Practitioner training.

The times for this course are:

Friday 15 February 2019 4 pm - 10 pm

Saturday 16 February 10 am - 10 pm

Sunday 17 February 10 am - 4 pm

There are 2 months of course work accompanying this weekend. The course is £350.
A deposit of £150 is payable on booking this course.
Please apply to thelittlereddrum@icloud.com for details for this workshop.

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111 St Leonards Rd, IV36 2RE
15 February , Friday 16:00