Radical Landscape Design Exhibit

Radical Landscape Design Exhibit

Radical Landscape Design: Addressing Scarcity and Abundance in the Public Ecosphere through the Material Culture of Bees.

When humans originally inspected feral beehives, we were inspired to create our first cities. The honeycomb form stimulated construction design; humans feverishly augmented our buildings

with such innovations as insulation, framing, arches, pillars, and pyramids as a result of our relationship with bees. The historical context for apiary science predates written language. Before bees were strategically managed, annual expeditions were held to retrieve honey from feral colonies in not only Europe, but also Asia and Africa. The legacy of these honey expeditions is still evident today as the material culture of bee colonies remains enmeshed in the daily lives of contemporary artists, horticultural projects, and radical landscape design communities. This exhibition explores the interactions between apiary science and contemporary art and design practices with material from the fall Art and Ecology seminar.

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Artlab Gallery
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18 January , Thursday 12:00