Not The Rolling Stones / Rolling Stones Tribute Band

Not The Rolling Stones / Rolling Stones Tribute Band

Not The Rolling Stones have been rocking ever since Keef Le Reef spotted Mike Jagger (the greatest Mick Jagger lookalike in the world!) starring in BBC2's Double Take, and tracked him down to darkest Wales. Picture the scene as their jaded eyes finally met over a cold Soho pizza.

Numbers, olives and

anchovies were exchanged, and the legend that is Not The Rolling Stones was born. The dream that had kept Keef alive through the long years of stalking the music biz was now a reality. He had found the perfect band to perform 'The Golden Age of the Stones'.

Seasoned players all (ex One The Juggler, Mick Ronson, Splodgeness-abounds etc) the line-up includes Charlie Whatnot on drums, Darryl 'Honky' Clones on bass, Mick 'Trash' Trailer on lead guitar and Ronnie Weed on miscellaneous stimulants - sorry, instruments. Not to mention the vocal and (very) percussive talents of Mary Unfaithful aka Kristina Shaguilera! I tell ya - that girl's got maracas to die for.

Capturing the authentic sound and spirit of The Greatest Rock'n'Roll Band In The World, Not The Rolling Stones have headed festivals and played for private clients all over Europe and the UK. Our set list includes all the classics of The Rolling Stones: PAINT IT BLACK, HONKY TONK WOMEN, JUMPING JACK FLASH, GIMME SHELTER, 19th NERVOUS BREAKDOWN, SATISFACTION, SYMPATHY FOR THE DEVIL, WILD HORSES and many more.
£10.00 Ticket £12.00 Door..Doors open 8pm

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Arches Venue Coventry The Arches Industrial Est, Spon End, CV1 3JQ
19 January , Saturday 20:00