Morning Ragas

Morning Ragas

Theatre Wallay is proud to present Morning Ragas, the first event of its kind in Islamabad. Come enjoy a sunny morning with us, as you are serenaded by Wajih Nizami on the Sitar and Irfan Khan on the Tabla, who will be playing ragas dedicated to the morning that exude positivity and happiness.

A delectable

selection of homemade breakfast items will be available at the venue.

Date: Sunday 14th January 2018
Time: 11 AM - 1 PM
Tickets: Rs. 800/- ONLY (Limited tickets will be available at the gate but please reserve your seats by calling the number below)
Details and reservations: 0334 5187712

About the musicians:
A Pakistani musician, composer and writer, Wajih ull Husnain Nizami is a classical Sitarist and upholds the tradition of sitar playing handed down to him through 18 generations of “Senia Gharana” after the name of “Mian Tan Sein Ji” the court musician of Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Irfan Khan has been playing the Tabla for over two decades and has had the opportunity of playing alongside many a famous musician. Irfan joined Theatre Wallay last year and has since performed in various musical evenings and events. Although the Tabla is his expertise, Irfan can play numerous musical instruments, including the guitar and the darbuka.

Both musicians also performed at several venues across the US during their recent tour with Theatre Wallay's ongoing project "On Common Ground."

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School Road, Off Korang Road, Bani Gala, 44000
14 January , Sunday 11:00