Le Club Fondue Present Moseley Dance Centre

Le Club Fondue Present Moseley Dance Centre

Our next MOSELEY DANCE CENTRE revival night is here...


Remember those legendary nights at Moseley Dance Centre? Of course you do, and you loved them didn’t you? We all loved them, it was just a massive cheesy disco with free

sweets, but look, we’re all a bit older now, and those nights at MDC are long gone… Don’t you just wish you could do it all again? Well now you can! Some really clever DJ’s from Kings Heath are bringing back the spirit of MDC and are selling out their nights at The Hare. Ladies & Gentlemen, Le Club Fondue (French for Cheesy Disco) is here!
We invite you to lose your cool with us, and come to a night where we’re simply going to be playing the best pop, rock and indie classics and anthems from the last six decades. It’s a great big party. If it makes you sing and dance, then we’ll probably be playing it. We don’t care if it’s The Bee Gees or De La Soul. Not bothered if it’s Taylor Swift or Aretha Franklin. Uninterested if it’s Rick Astley or James Brown. If it’s a great tune, then it’s in, and unlike many club nights with a ‘serious’ music policy, you can even come and make requests, just like the old days!
As it’s going to be another huge party night, we’d like you to have some more money to spend on the exciting stuff, so early bird tickets will cost just ONE POUND and yes, there will still be free sweets on the door.

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Hare & Hounds, High Street, Kings Heath, B14 7JZ
17 August , Friday 21:00

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