June Pre-Vac Cattle Sale

June Pre-Vac Cattle Sale

In addition to our regular sale, a special selection of calves and yearlings qualifying for our Pre-Vaccination program! Early consignment required.

Farmers, whether you only have one head to sell or more, this applies to you. Earn a premium on your calves that are weaned, vaccinated and preconditioned

prior to marketing. For this sale we will require you to follow these pre-vaccination rules.

Sale Rules

*Early consignment required to verify cattle meet program requirements
*The barn will provide you with the number of ear tags for the number of head you are planning to bring for the sale. Tags will be free of charge. Your cattle must have this ear tag to enter in for the pre-vaccination part of the sale.
*Calves need to be weaned for 45 days or more
*Dehorned, castrated and healed and vaccinated for the following:
**BovineRhinotracheitis Virus **Diarrhea,Parainfluenza3,RespiratorySyncytial Virus Vaccine - Preferred Vaccine – Bovi-Shield GOLD 5
**MannheimiaHaemolyticaBacterinToxoid - Preferred Vaccine – OneShot
**Clostridium (Blackleg)
**Dewormed (Injectable preferred)
*Calves need to receive booster vaccinations with the above 18-21 days after first set of vaccines with the exception of OneShot

For any questions, please call:
Randy Goodman, 501-940-0532
Barn Office, 501-268-2471

***You can purchase all vaccines listed above at the barn.***

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605 E Booth Rd, 72143
05 June , Tuesday 13:00