Indeedy Musical Bingo at Drink, Shop & Do!

Indeedy Musical Bingo at Drink, Shop & Do!

Indeedy Musical Bingo at Drink, Shop & Do: Bingo, music and cocktails in Kings Cross!

Our Thursday nights of Indeedy Musical Bingo at Drink, Shop & Do are legendary. We’ve sold out every show there since July 2011. It’s our spiritual home.

What To Expect
Arrive at the downstairs bar at Drink, Shop

& Do at 7:30pm and we’ll show you to your reserved seats. Get settled in and grab a drink and some food (there’s both table and bar service).

We’ll play three exciting rounds of bingo with breaks in between. The rounds normally finish just after 11pm, when we have a dance party (although you’ll probably be dancing on your chair before this).

Our music is eclectic, and fun – we’re not trying to out-cool anybody! Indeedy Musical Bingo at Drink, Shop and Do is inclusive and light-hearted, ideal for groups of friends, colleagues, even your Mum!

OMGeee there are amazing cocktails at Drink, Shop & Do, including our signature cocktail, the Musical Bingotini. Also on offer are wines, beers, ales, ciders, and softs of course.

Check out for their food menu.

There are only 70 seats in this place so if you want to come you’d better book it up. If history is any indicator, we’re definitely going to sell this one out.

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9 Caledonian Road, N1 9DX
18 October , Thursday 19:30

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