Hookworms - 13.10.18

Hookworms - 13.10.18

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Forget everything you know about Hookworms. Ok, maybe not everything; the urgency and
viscera both live and on record that led the Yorkshire-based five-piece to prominence across
two blistering full-length LPs - 2013’s Pearl Mystic and 2014

follow-up The Hum - remains.
However, as they return with their much-anticipated third record Microshift, the title of the
record connotates more than just the intended nod to the audio plug-in their vocalist MJ
regularly uses; it could also be an understatement of a three-year narrative that’s brought
about changing circumstances, influences and subsequent evolution.

Microshift is a record that largely pulls back the dense fug of guitars and Modern Lovers-
esque blasts of organ that have become Hookworms’ hallmark, replaced instead by a
plethora of electronics and synthesizers. New variants on their use of motorik sees drummer
JN working around drum machines on many of the tracks, while an increased focus on
melody is most notable in MJ’s vocal delivery, now shorn of the Space Echo that drenched it
previously. “After eight years of being a band we couldn’t just make another psych rock
record” says the group’s MB.

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15 Nelson Street, BS1 2JY
13 October , Saturday 06:00