Guide to Victorian Sex

Guide to Victorian Sex

Prim or prurient? A star-studded panel presents your guide to the shifting landscape of historical attitudes around sexuality.

Dr Kate Lister: avid Twitterer, Lecturer at Leeds Trinity University.
“Be curious, not judgemental.” Whores of Yore is a proudly sex-positive, inter-disciplinary, pro-sex worker

rights research hub and archive, dedicated to exploring the history of human sexuality and challenging shame and stigma.

Dr Fern Riddell Official was an advisor on TV’s Ripper Street. Her book The Victorian Guide to Sex is a historical romp through sexual desire, practises and deviance.

Composer Dominic Crawford Collins is recording the audiobook of the greatest erotomaniac work of Victorian times. My Secret Life (by mysterious sex addict ‘Walter’) is an erotic memoir offering insights into the era which outdo Dickens. Amidst the lurid content of his erotic panegyric, the historical context offers a sense of perspective on what it might actually have been like to be alive in the 19th Century.

Portsmouth’s own William Sutton, Author chairs the panel, researching beneath the petticoats of Victorian Soho for his second novel Lawless and the Flowers of Sin.
“An extraordinary novel, deserving of the widest readership not only for its impressive literary merits but also for the breadth and subtlety of its political, moral and philosophical exploration of the great social evil.” The Morning Star

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