GT exploration into the extremes - master trainer Abel Horvath

GT exploration into the extremes - master trainer Abel Horvath

GYROTONIC® Explorations into the Extremes

In this course, students will be guided through a series of exercises on the Gyrotonic Pulley Tower, exploring additional ways of accessing the depths of their structure. Exercise sequences will gradually progress from warm-up and preparation exercises, to mobilizing,

restructuring and strengthening exercises. There will be time for learning the details while experimenting with exercise intensity. Each participant will be seen as an individual on his/her own unique journey, according to his/her abilities, and goals - "the Extremes" is a relative term.

The material presented in this course will further enhance one’s experience with the Gyrotonic Method, benefitting Trainers, as well as their clients. A workout following these sequences will leave students feeling balanced, strong, and grounded.

Course fee 450 EUR
Studio fee 100 EUR

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Wijnbrugstraat 5, 3011 XW
14 June , Thursday 09:30

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