Graeco-Roman Egypt

Graeco-Roman Egypt

The full title for this course is: Ancient Egypt Reinvented: Exploring The Manifold Identities Of Graeco-Roman Egypt.

When we think of ancient Egypt, images of splendour from its pharaonic heyday automatically spring to mind. The later phases of Egypt’s history, especially the Graeco-Roman Period, still

suffer instead from an unjust neglect. Yet it is through this period’s historical heritage that many come to love Egypt’s ancient civilisation: think of the best-preserved temples, such as Edfu or Philae, or of half-legendary historical figures, such as Alexander the Great or Cleopatra.

With this exciting new course, we welcome a new course director to BSS, Dr Luigi Prada, who lectured on our 2017 ‘Magic in Ancient Egypt’ course, and was enthusiastically reviewed. His course will offer a full introduction to this fascinating period and exploration of the manifold identities of Graeco-Roman Egypt. You will discover its complex reality, where century-old Egyptian traditions and ways of life were reinvented through contact with the civilisations of the Greeks and Romans. Some of the sessions will also offer easy access to the often poorly-known texts and scripts of the time, opening the doors to the intriguing intellectual and spiritual world of the last ancient Egyptians.

This course will include sessions taught in The British Museum and UCL’s Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, including special access to objects.

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University College London, Gower Street, WC1E 6BT
16 July , Monday 11:00

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