Feel Better Than Ever

Feel Better Than Ever

Feel Better Than Ever - I invite you to check out my workshop at Naramata Centre
August 11-18, 2018


In this wonderfully revitalizing workshop you will begin moving in ways that will forever change how you think

about and learn with your body. Through gentle movements and attention, participants access their inner potential to create physical well-being and eliminate unnecessary strain and effort from their lives. Using principles for learning and moving first introduced by the late physicist Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais, you will immediately find yourself on a rejuvenating path of “living better than ever.” Come discover for yourself the exhilarating possibilities that arise from moving in more discerning and novel ways than you may have ever imagined before. Appropriate for adults of all ages and ability.

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3375 3rd St, V0H 1N0
Naramata BC
11 August , Saturday 09:30