Fatih Akin Summer Cinema : The Cut

Fatih Akin Summer Cinema : The Cut

Director: Fatih Akin, color, 135 min., 2013/14, with English subtitles

1915: In the town of Mardin, the blacksmith Nazaret Manogian lived a content life with his wife and twin daughters before being arrested by the Turkish police - just like the other Christians of Armenian origin. Separated from his

family, he has to work as a forced laborer in the desert. He survives an execution squad and flees. Deserters help him along; he meets his dying sister-in-law in a camp, finds shelter and work in Aleppo with a Syrian soap manufacturer and also experiences the end of World War I there. Nazaret hears that his daughters have survived the Turkish genocide of the Armenians; his search leads him to Lebanon, Cuba and the USA. At least one of them survived. With The Cut, Fatih Akin has succeeded in creating a great but also controversial epic.

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150 N Michigan Ave Ste 200, 60601
02 August , Thursday 18:00