Edmonton Meeting - Truth About Proteins

Edmonton Meeting - Truth About Proteins

Quality Inn West Edmonton
17803 - Stony Plain Road
For More Info Call
Gloria Ouellette
(780) 962-0084
7:00 pm

Length of Lecture: Approx 2 Hours

Health Seminar - Guest Speaker - Kameron Tarry - President Avena Originals


The truth about protein
The most abused and misunderstood nutrient.


is no getting around it, we all need protein; this is why it's an element in all foods (along with fats & carbohydrates). Why then in a world obsessed with 'getting enough' protein so few of us have stopped to think about the quality of protein? Yes, it's important, but the type and ways we're getting this macro-nutrient could be doing more harm. Do you know about the dangers of heating proteins? Have you questioned why your absorption of meat and other high protein foods is horrible at best? Together we will explore alternatives, discover better sources and ways of achieving the desired protein intake without compromising quality.

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20, 6200 - 67 A St, T4P3E8
Red Deer
13 June , Wednesday 19:00

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