Difficult Dog Seminar with Tasha Anderson

Difficult Dog Seminar with Tasha Anderson

Do you need to make your life easier when working with difficult dogs in the salon? Tasha Anderson will be sharing her expertise with us on how she deals with difficult dogs. Tasha will be demonstrating on REAL dogs in REAL LIFE situations. This is going to be an invaluable seminar and will help in day

to day life within the salon.

The ticket price is £70 (non refundable) to be paid prior to the event via BACS. PM me for more details. This will include lunch and hot and cold drinks. There are a limited number of spaces so book quick to avoid disappointment.

So a little about Tasha.

I started by taking my pooch for an appointment with Carol Parcheeni Hutchins and then proceeded to do a weeks work experience with her when I was 15. I knew then this was for me, I worked school holidays, weekends and as much as I could. As carol had not long started herself a full time position was not available. So whilst working with Carol when I could I also had several others jobs along the way. To include working in police cells and 7 years as a Dog Warden for a local authority. This meant I often had to deal with dogs in stressful and fearful situations and soon learnt dog body language very quickly.

The salon was ready to move and I was asked to be carols business partner, finally my dream job full time yay.

Since then we have also been growing the school side of things, we have two mantras we live by...

every day is a school day


Knowledge is a gift for sharing

My demos offer a real life situation with real life dogs. The dogs provided are done so by the host and Tasha has never met them before. Some may not be completed but we aim to talk you through how to deal with such situations. The advice and tips Tasha offer are purely what she has learnt through her experience.

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Wassand Street, HU3 4AL
Kingston upon Hull
18 February , Sunday 10:30