Darkness Retreat 5-day

Darkness Retreat 5-day

What is the process about:
Entering the state of dissolution where the veil of illusion is uncovered to reveal the original source where you come from. This retreat is set up totally in darkness where specific meditations are practised to build up energy towards the third eye to bring about a shift of

consciousness. The sensory deprivation of light for a few days accelerates drastically your inner evolution towards Awakening. It opens access to wisdom, insights, offering you answers and resources for drastic life changes.

The main areas of exploration:
– Burning the identification to the ego, mind, illusion…
– Entering inner space of truth, clarity
– Opening the third eye dimension
– Shift of consciousness
– Transforming old unresolved karma
– Healing body and spiritual wounds
– Restoring healthy flow of energy in the body
– Facing the fear of death

Darkness retreats have been used throughout centuries in various Tantra traditions. At the time where the Kaula of the Heart of All was implanted in India, there were caves specially established for long time stay in the dark. The disciple would stay for few days to few weeks deprived of light. It was considered a high level practice. Sitting in a dark room, staring at darkness provokes the pineal gland to work much stronger and clearer, which enable the third eye to be in its full capacity.
Research has shown that in prolonged darkness a biochemical reaction in the brain is causing extraordinary molecules like DMT to be synthesized. It triggers altered states of perception contributing to accelerate evolution towards enlightenment.

Important Information: This retreat is only for people who have deep experience with meditation and have followed some our retreats from the WildTantra Path of Awakening and are able to sit still in silence for a few days.
A medical attestation of good health needs to be provided at registration.
It is recommended ten days prior the retreat to practice silent sitting for an hour every day and to change your diet to vegetarian, without coffee, sugar, alcohol, cigarette and any kind of drug substances. After the retreat, it is helpful that you have a few days off work in order to “land” back to your daily life style.

Quote about darkness:

“Remember that by welcoming darkness, you become a womb for light…” Leela

“If you can love darkness, you will become unafraid of death. If you can enter into darkness – and you can enter when there is no fear – you will achieve total relaxation. If you can become one with darkness, you are dissolved, it is a surrender. Now there is no fear, because if you have become one with darkness, you have become one with death. You cannot die now, you have become deathless. Darkness is deathless. Light is born and dies. Darkness simply is. It is deathless.” Osho

Information & Registration: info@wildtantra.com

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