Continuum (summer) — Batyah Schachter

Continuum (summer) — Batyah Schachter

Continuum - Riding the Waves Within (summer)
Batyah Schachter

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Continuum - Riding the Waves Within
A journey in movement /A movement journey

The endless movement of water, flowing, rippling, curving, undulating in every cell of our bodies is in a continuum with the body of water in the sea the earth the air and the sky of our planet.​ Joining the movement of life as it is present in our body, we join the choreography that shapes and forms the nature we are.

Continuum is an invitation to drop inwards, and tune to the fluid stream that is the major component of our body. Using breath and sound we allow the waves of water within to be the choreographer of our movement. It is an ever new and unknown journey, unveiling and informing a vast range of sensations, awareness and movement. We are guided to experience the fluid beings that we are, to connect and communicate with undercurrents of our movements and of ourselves.

Continuum is a movement approach that was developed by Emilie Conrad (1934-2014) during the last 50 years of her life, and keeps being explored and developed by the teachers she authorized, and by those who practice continuum and love the endless inquiry into the nature of our body and being.
The workshop is open to everyone. It can be a great contribution to dancers, artists, musicians, movement lovers, a wonderful practice to counterbalance the stressful life we all live, and to finding a point of reference within.

​Level: No prior experience is needed.

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Gutshof 3, 16248
23 July , Monday 11:00