Close Protection - 5 Days

Close Protection - 5 Days

The field of close protection (bodyguard) is nowadays considered as a specialty to which the workers must be trained and experienced. Protection needs for politicians, diplomats, executive members of large corporations, public figures, court witnesses, celebrities and other at-risk individuals are becoming

more prevalent in today’s society.

This 5-day program has been designed to provide a solid foundation in the area of ​​close protection. It contains the basic elements related to the implementation of a protection mandate and also provides the essential knowledge about the various protection and intervention techniques.

Course content:

· Introduction to close protection

· The role of the protection agent

· The professional protocol and image of the protection agent

· Public relations (media, security, police or military)

· The customer profile

· Threats to personal safety

· Threat Assessment

· Home and office security

· Safety while traveling

· Outings (special events)

· Advance work

· Pedestrian escorts (alone and in teams)

· Vehicles (embarkation and disembarkation)

· Safety of the protective agent

· Course Duration: 5 Days

· Close Protection certificate awarded upon completion of course

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