Basic Self Defense

Basic Self Defense

How do we keep ourselves safe in a world that is becoming ever more dangerous?

This class will start you on your way to becoming more situationally aware, teach you more about potential dangers in every day scenarios, help you start to develop a personal/family safety plan and give you the jump start

to a mindset needed to execute that plan.

Being a woman in today's world requires a toolbox full of options regardless where you are in life, whether a student, single mom, married with a few littles, professional woman, grandmother or a combination of such.

You will receive a combination of classroom and hands on instruction to basic self defense for women.

Wear comfy clothes and soft soled shoes (you may opt to take your shoes off.)
Join me in making a safer community one citizen at a time!
See you soon!

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1710 17th Street, 47201
14 March , Wednesday 18:00