Astrology Study Group Monthly

Astrology Study Group Monthly

This group is for people with some basic Astrology knowledge and is learning at a beginner/advanced beginner level.

You can also just come and listen to the astrological month ahead.
Just like the video forecasts Dorothy does on her you tube channel. But you get to see it in person.

For the practicing

astrologer we are working on our interpretation skills each month by looking at the astrological month ahead.

What does this months’ Full or New Moon mean? What are the big transits this month and how it may impact us as individuals or as a group? Is anyone retrograde this month? If so what does that mean?

Every month is different and every study group is a standalone class. Learn about current events, also known as transits and how it impacts you.

We all benefit from evaluating the month ahead and we gain insight into the energies we have to work with.

Please bring a notebook for class. Come on by and join the fun!

Fee 25.00

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90 Main St, 01810
11 July , Wednesday 19:00