Aerial Teacher Training with Born to Fly

Aerial Teacher Training with Born to Fly

Aerial SLING Teacher Training
The following courses are part of the Born to Fly™ Aerial Teacher Certificate Program. All who meet the prerequisites are welcome to train with us, and the certificate is optional.

Teaching Philosophy and Methods
Aerial fabric is the most popular apparatus in recreational

programs. However, starting students with climbs may not be the most accessible way to begin an aerial journey. If you teach early beginners, we highly recommend starting the Aerial Sling 1 Teacher Training.

In the Born to Fly™ methodology, we expose our students to fabric theory early on through puzzles and challenge their artistry through creative tasks. Our goal is to develop an aerialist’s strength, intelligence, and artistry simultaneously so nothing gets left behind. We ask students to spend more time with each skill, which allows them to build strength over a longer period of time before progressing to the next level.

Aerial SLING Level 1 Teacher Training

​with Julianna Hane (4-8 participants)
​We will bring in an additional instructor if we have more then 8 participants

​30 Hours
10 participants max.

Course Fee: $1,100 after 3/15/18
Early Bird: $900 if deposit paid by 3/15/18
Non Refundable Deposit: $250

Book: $55 + shipping
At least one year of experience on fabric or sling.
Must be at an intermediate level (can do basic inversions); submit an audition video.
Previous experience in teaching is recommended but not required.
Submit an audition video (see below).

Audition Video:
Connect these skills in a sequence in any order:
Hold to top of a pull-up position for 10 seconds
3 standing skills on a foot lock or on a sling
1 straddle inversion (from a climb on fabric, or standing in the loop of a sling)

Required Reading:
The Aerial Teacher’s Handbook by Julianna Hane

Thursday Evening 5:00-9:30pm
Friday-Sunday 8:30am-4:30pm
(lunch break at 12-1:15pm daily)​

What You Will Learn: This training focuses on Level 1 Silks skills as well as spotting, safe practices, teaching methods, and classroom management. We strongly emphasize progressions, particularly to develop strong inversions. At the end of the week, you will walk away with 12-18 months of studio teaching material. You will work with the classic fabric skills as well as several variations and sequences we’ve developed over the years.

We begin with body positioning of the shoulders, ribs, and hips before progressing to climbs and descents, and foot locks. Skills in the knot help develop foundational technique in an accessible way. We continue the week with single foot lock skills and sequences, followed by hip and shoulder blocks, double foot locks, and inversion progressions. Skills sessions conclude with hip key progressions and 'round the back/arabesque. Clinics include spotting techniques and core engagement progressions, while discussion topics include safety, teaching philosophies, classroom management, and an open Q&A. The training concludes with practice teaching.

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901 NE Ave Unit B3, 32405
Panama City
11 October , Thursday 17:00