AAF 30th (+1)

AAF 30th (+1)

Like a good cheese the Ancient Arts Fellowship has…aged.
Join us for a weekend of feasting, fighting, crafting and reminiscing, with mountains of food and good company, to celebrate 30 +1 years of the AAF.

We hope to see all those who have been associated with the AAF, liked the AAF, or were deeply

annoyed by the AAF, to help us tell tall tales and drink to the past and the future.

There will be a spectacular feast on the Saturday night, along with a roll call of club memories, awards and silliness. Past favourite dishes (honey saffron tart, lamb with port and honey) will be complemented by new taste sensations (for example, cabbage rolls with pork filling, courtesy of our international guests).

So we can remember how far we have come, there will be a historical costume parade on Saturday night (i.e. we want you to drag out your original costume sins – for those whose costume may have shrunk we can provide “volunteer” models).

Lunch and breakfast will be provided both days. Camping and hard accommodation is available from Friday to Sunday night (no catering Friday or Sunday night). There are showers on site and places to shelter, craft, feast etc if the weather is too hot.

The location is Camp Cottermouth (https://www.scoutsact.com.au/home.html, https://goo.gl/maps/oWjxJMrHgQN2), a 20 minute drive from the centre of Canberra for those who just want to come to the feast (starting at 6pm).
Price: Weekend –
$70 Adults (18+),
$40 Teens (13-17),
Kids 12 and under free
Feast only –
$35 Adults (18+),
$20 Teens (13-17),
Kids 12 and under free
Hard accommodation – $42 per person per night (cabin are mostly bunks)

Bookings must be made by 31 January, through try booking (https://www.trybooking.com/Event/EventListingURL.aspx?aid=66981)
For any questions please contact Michael and Sarah Brown by email or phone: brownmsrf@gmail.com, 0481 568 359.

To get the word out, tag somebody who was in the AAF, liked the AAF, or were deeply annoyed by the AAF…

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