Aa Presents: O-Week 2018

Aa Presents: O-Week 2018

The year is 2018. You are a first-year university student, looking for a spark to kick start your uni-life. Coincidentally, as if you were in a Mission Impossible movie, a passer-by hands you an iPod, you click play.

What comes next shocks you.

“Good Morning, first years. Your mission should you choose

to accept it, involves finding the location of a very sought-after destination; the Aa stall & BBQ and to acquire a membership, in order to achieve maximised enjoyment of your first year.
You may bring with you, all your friends but remember. As always, should any member of your team stray or fail to take this opportunity, they’ll likely to have many regrets. This message will self-destruct in five seconds.”

Whoa! you exclaim, this is some serious ****.
You head to the library, and quickly gather all intelligence available. You conclude:

Australasian Association (Aa) best known for increasing quality of social life of students at uni, brings everyone from different faculties together in order to have a good time. With a guarantee for good vibes, friendly faces and endless fun, Aa is where it’s at.

• Aa Stall: 21st February at South Lawn, from 11AM to 3PM
• Aa BBQ: 22nd February at McFarland Court, from 10AM to 4PM

Sign Ups for 2018 Membership: $15
Renewals (Members from 2017): $10

Members Receive:
• Show bag with EVERY membership purchased, includes SNACKS, DRINKS, FREE MERCH, VOUCHERS.
• Access to discounts from all our sponsors
• Discounts to all our events ($5 off Aa & ASEAN pres. Frat Party - The Initiation, $10 off Aa Presents: Camp Atlantis 2018)

The race to secure tickets will be on.
• Secure camp tickets with a $50 deposit before they sell out ($150 members, $160 non-members)
• Frat Party tickets selling for $15 for members, $20 for non-members (on 22nd of February)

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Swanston Street, 3010
21 February , Wednesday 11:00