A simple blockchain implementation

A simple blockchain implementation

A blockchain, originally block chain, is a continuously growing list of records, called blocks, which are linked and secured using cryptography... Blockchain is gaining traction today, but critics who question the scalability, security, and sustainability of the technology remain. We will give you so

many answers and explanation about all your thoughts. Also you will create some concrete ideas.

Also, have you ever thought about being part of an event and at the end to have all the access of the scripts and codes that were developed? - We will do this, all the script and code will be open source so you can have access to edit or implement them whenever you want and how do you want.

Speaker: Elton Ngjela, Nikolin Ngjela, Franc Erebara dhe Lefter Mati - TDB Team
- Company presentation - Commit Software
- Explanation of the blockchain
- How does it work?
- What is the main problem it solves (consensus)
- Development
- Demo code and lunch of a simple chain and transactions over it
- Networking and socialize in good company of each of you, drinks and snacks :)

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bulevardi gjergj fishta, 1023
31 January , Wednesday 18:30