4 Day Side of the Mountain Trail Clinic!

4 Day Side of the Mountain Trail Clinic!

July 12-15 4 Day Side of the Mountain Trail Clinic (BONUS 1 free day value $200) 6 SPOTS
• We will be hosting an exclusive clinic just for folks wanting to learn how to get out on the trail safely & with the knowledge to understand when you encounter

something "scary" and the skills to overcome it. We will be getting out on the trail approaching different obstacles & terrain along with "trail" games to help you overcome everything from the bolting to spooky horse. We will start in the round pen & advance from there. We want to get you out in the mountains and ride, so pack up your rig & join us at our mountain base camp for a wonderful 5 days of horsemanship & riding! To register you must have a solid w-t-c on your horse! $200.00 per day instruction only

If you are new to our clinics let me tell you straight up I don't sugar coat what I see and if you are ready to become a better horseman and better person for your horse, these are the clinics for you. I provide a safe, non judgemental space for you to learn and understand the very heart of the horse. The round pen is a sacred place that amazing things happen to the people who are open & honest and ready to learn. Leave your worries at the gate & develop a skill you didn't know you had and I promise you that you won't look or work with horses the same again! Cocky or know it all folks need not apply. It was a long humbling road to get here with a long road still to go but I would love to teach the open minded folks the skills I have learned from the horse, the mountain, the hundreds of miles and my wrecks throughout the years. I only offer small clinics with no auditors because this clinic is for you and your horse and you get what you pay for!

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49215 RR 195, TOB 2MO
12 July , Thursday 10:00