2018 World OCR Championships Prep Day

2018 World OCR Championships Prep Day

2018 World OCR Championships Prep Day

After such and amazing Prep Day in 2017 we had to bring this back for 2018!

This really does make sure a difference to your racing game and with 5 weeks to go before the Worlds it perfectly Identifies any last minute areas you need to work on.

First up will be

the warm up. To maximise performance it is important that you are fully prepared to start. We will go through a functional warm up which you could take away and use on Race Day at the Worlds.

We will move swiftly on from this and look at some of the key skills needed for the more technical obstacles which we feel will be at the Worlds. The skills will be broken down into their simplest form and then rebuilt into longer flows. This will be good for those looking to fine tune any last areas.

The last section will be all about racing. Over the next few weeks we have some awesome races coming up in the U.K but nothing as technical as what you will get at the worlds. We feel this section is one of the more important of the day. To get the most out of this section we would expect you to be practicing a build-up similar to that of what you would do prior to the Worlds. Everything from Nutrition, Looking after Hands, Kit, etc. We have been working with this awesome system that accelerates everything which happens during a race. Doing skills in a low pressurised environment is what you have been working on all year. Now it is time to test if what you have been doing works.

Once all is done with please feel free to chill at The P.T Barn for a while before heading off. Feel free to bring some post training snacks.

We know that this day really will make a big difference to your OCR game. We hope you like the layout and can that we can see lots of Team U.K here.

It would be good to give those going to the Worlds first chance to get tickets but obviously I can't stop anyone purchasing one.

We hope to see you there.

If you have any questions then please do not hesitate to ask.

Many Thanks, The P.T Barn

Email - info@theptbarn.co.uk

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The P.T Barn, One Tree Hill, SS179NH
15 September , Saturday 10:00

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